Colorful Bags Made Out of Juice Boxes

Most juice boxes contain:

  1. Three to six layers of paper, plastic, and aluminum
  2. The paper makes up 75% of the packaging, and provides stiffness, strength, and the efficient brick shape.
  3. Polyethylene plastic makes up 20% of the packaging. It seals the inside and outside of the box to keep the liquid inside.
  4. A thin layer of aluminum (5%) is the silver material you can see inside the box which blocks the juice from being exposed to light and oxygen.

And it take 300 years to disintegrate (view source). At least.

Manufactured in the Philippines, these trendy, colorful bags are made of juice boxes. If you’re looking for a statement piece for your outfit, this may be just the bag for you (plus, you can educate people about juice boxes without sounding preachy!). Purchase them here:¬†¬†


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