Allbirds Shoes


The world’s most comfortable shoes – a lot of people

How can anyone not love Allbirds shoes?

The ever-popular eco-conscious sneaker beloved for its comfort, minimalism, and style uppers are made from merino wool. This wool is popular among hikers and backpackers as shirts and pants due to its durability, odor reducing, and heat regulating properties. Lucky for the world, we can wear them on our feet too.

Allbirds is also a certified B Corporation and its wool is ZQ certified for animal welfare, social and environmental care. To put it simply, the wool is sustainable. Other materials that Allbirds use are eucalyptus tree fiber, which is breathable and silky-smooth. It also has a cooling effect and of course, naturally derived and renewable too.

Did you know that:

  • Allbirds shoes started on kickstarter, received funding of 119,160 USD with a goal of just 30,000 USD
  • It is now reported to be fastest growing company in the shoe industry.
  • As of recently, Leonardo de Caprio just invested in Allbirds (Reported August 2018)

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