Lyft Doubles Down on Clean Energy Commitments

Sam Arons, Lyft’s Director of Sustainability tells us about Lyft’s on-going and future initiatives:
1. Lyft is carbon neutral. Thanks to their carbon offset programs. They also promote ride-sharing and aims to achieve 50% shared rides by 2020.
2. Lyft is committing to purchase renewable energy to cover the electricity consumption of every Lyft office space, driver hub and electric vehicle mile in their platform and will continue to use renewable energy whenever possible. Their first purchase is through Cleanpowersf program in San Francisco.
3. Where direct renewable energy supply is not available, Lyft is purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) through their partner, 3Degrees. These RECs are sourced to meet leading environmental standards to ensure that the company’s electric vehicle drivers’ net electricity usage is 100 percent renewable going forward.

Read the article here: Lyft Commits to Full Carbon Neutrality, 100% Renewables

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