Bahay Kalipay – Back to Roots and Wellness

Bahay Kalipay – a yoga, raw vegan food detox, inner dance haven still unknown to many is  just an hour plane ride away from the busy city of Manila. This retreat center inspires authenticity, simplicity, beauty, and kindness.  Bahay Kalipay is derived from Filipino words, Bahay, which means house and Kalipay, which means happiness. This center is not only good for the heart  and soul but also, for the environment as it promotes zero waste and sustainability.

Guests attending the retreat are greeted with a basket filled with goodies – an ecobag, blanket, a sarong (which can be used as towel as well), organic toiletries, and fresh coconut juice.

Accommodation in Bahay Kalipay is simple – there is no aircon, just comfortable beds with mosquito nets and an electric fan in a hut. These huts are partially solar powered. The place itself is beautiful, quaint, and not overly done.

If you pay close attention, there are details that you do not want to miss. Like interesting ways on how to reuse some of our trash.

Raw vegan meals are served 3x a day. There’s also access to unlimited coconuts through out the day so you’ll never go hungry. Food is tasty and sourced ethically. Even long time vegans commend it! All food orders must be scheduled a day before ideally to encourage zero food waste. Occasionally, there are cooking classes and it’s oh-so-worth it.

Tissue paper is not available in the vicinity. They encourage washing and drying off with reusable cloths. These cloths are washed and sterilized to ensure hygiene.


The founders and teachers in Bahay Kalipay are all equally as inspiring as this place and community they built.

Learn more about them and the place at:


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