One coffee mug made out of coffee, please!

The coffee culture is amazing. It’s great scent, taste, art, and ambiance unified. But what happens to all the coffee grounds after we have our favorite cup of the day?

Julian Lechner, the product designer, discovered a new use for this waste, of which 20 million tones are thrown away every year. His company Kaffeeform, a start-up in Berlin collects left over coffee grounds from local cafes in Berlin and then combines it with natural glues and particles of wood from sustainable sources to produce a liquid that can be injection molded to create new products. Here are some of the features listed on Kaffeeforms’ website:


– Dishwasher friendly
– Lightweight
– Durable
– High isolation qualities
– Slight coffee scent
– Food safe
– Free of BPA
– Eco-friendly material composit
– Made for unlimited consumption
– Each cup looks unique
– Carbon neutral disposal / Biodegradable


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