Turning Single-Use Plastic Sachets into Eco Bricks

Philippine based, Green Antz builders aims to be an innovative provider of environment-friendly products and solutions for the construction industry. Plastic sachets are widely prevalent in 3rd world countries such as the Philippines.

The low cost and convenience of plastic sachets, as well as inefficient waste disposal, has made the Philippines one of the world’s leading plastic polluters, with tremendous negative impacts on the environment

The company provides a new purpose to plastic sachets. Greent Antz builders uses the single-use plastic sachets thrown away and turn them into eco bricks. One eco brick uses around 100 pieces of shredded plastic sachets and then, mixed with wet cement or clay.

Green Antz produces multiple types of eco bricks with different hues such as the red clay which is made from the combination of sand and cement. Aesthetically, it can look like a traditional brick which can be used to support various architectural designs. Best part? These eco bricks are also stronger and cheaper than a normal brick plus they are built to work like Legos.

Eco Brick

Check them out: http://greenantzbuilders.com

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